Adam Sandler Sandlerverse will contain all his original characters! All you need to know…


  • Adam Sandler jokingly mentioned ‘Sandlerverse’ in his recent promotional interview for Hubie Halloween with Yahoo entertainment.
  • The interview managed to touch upon the surprising number of easter eggs in Hubie Halloween from Adam Sandler’s previous movies.
  • The actor even went as far as to include Ben Stiller’s character, ‘Hal’ from Happy Gilmore.
  • Reports and the number of easter eggs lead many to believe that Adam Sandler might actually be working on a comedy ‘Sandlerverse’.
  • Kevin James and Rob Schinder’s characters paid tribute to their previous characters in Adam Sandler’s movies as well.
  • If Adam’s dreams are realized then we could soon see an amalgamation of all his popular characters from his illustrious career of 25 years.


Adam Sandler has seen his fair share of highs and lows during his career but the actor has still managed to produce some great flicks in recent times. His latest movie being ‘Hubie Halloween’, an October comedy fest that seems to be sitting well with the critics and fans alike.

Adam Sandler Sandlerverse - who? me?

Sandler made his big debut in front of the world through Billy Maddison 25 years ago and is still going strong to this day. Adam’s recent movies are a result of his $250M 4 movie deal with Netflix that was agreed upon back in 2014. The movies kicked off with ‘Ridiculous 6’ which is one of the most-watched Netflix original films ever. Netflix apparently was so impressed by the success of Adam Sandler that they greenlit 4 more movies for the actor.

yeah bro!

Hubie Halloween focuses on a normal day deli worker who is easily frightened. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, Hubie is the only thing standing between the town and utter demonic chaos. The movie stars some well known Adam Sandler co-stars including the likes of Kevin James and Rob Schneider. There is even an easter egg in the movie where Kevin and Rob pay homage to their earlier characters from movies with Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler Sandlerverse - kevin james poledance

According to Sandler, this homage was an intentional step to lay the ground for Sandlerverse. Adam plans to have all of his characters slowly interact with each other and eventually end up on the same screen together. He jokingly said in the interview

I’d like that. I just got to get mentally ready for that. That’ll probably happen in about maybe another 35 years, but we’re gonna get to that. 

Adam Sandler

His titular role in the movie sees him playing Hubie Dubois who bears a close resemblance to Bobby Boucher fro his 1998 hit ‘Waterboy’. This too was an intentional inclusion in the movie. Some more intentional inclusions include the character of O’Doyle from Billy Maddison and the beloved yet despised character of ‘Hal’ portrayed by the legendary Ben Stiller.

Adam Sandler Sandlerverse - hal by ben stiller

Cross over comedies were first seen in the likes of Bill & Ted which surprisingly made a comeback this year itself. Its huge success leads many to believe that the audiences are now bored with glimpses of their characters being teased in other movies and are maybe ready for something more substantial. Adam Sandler seems to have a keen eye and seems to be capitalizing on this opening already. We will have to wait and see what Adam has up his sleeve next.

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