Alec Baldwin deletes Twitter account! Find out why!


  • Alec Baldwin deletes his Twitter account after facing huge backlash regarding a recent dig at American Actress Gillian Anderson.
  • Alec pointed out that the actress was using a British accent for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in Netflix’s “The Crown”.
  • This supposedly was a dig after his wife, Hilaria Baldwin was accused of cultural appropriation and faking her identity and Hispanic heritage, including her Spanish accent.
  • Hilaria was assumed to be of Spanish descent for her public appearances but it was recently revealed that the 37-year-old Yoga teacher is actually a Boston-born American who was originally named Hillary.
  • This was Alec’s attempt to justify and back his wife which landed face first when he issued his statement on Twitter.
  • The actor soon deleted his Twitter account and issued a lengthy rant regarding the same on Instagram.
  • Alec went on to justify his tweet by claiming he’s a huge fan of Gillian Anderson and that you can’t say anything today without getting offended.
  • In true miscreant fashion, the actor then goes on to blame Twitter users for being haters, while their only crime was to catch and bring to light his attempt to justify the horrific cultural appropriation at the hands of his wife Hilaria against the Hispanic community.


Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria have had a tumultuous past year with some good and not-so-good news coming their way. While the couple welcomed their new child and family member, Alec’s wife Hilaria was involved in a cultural appropriation controversy.

Alec Baldwin deletes Twitter

Apparently, Hilaria has been faking her heritage since she has been in the limelight. Despite claiming Hispanic heritage and faking her Spanish accent, it was recently revealed that the 37-year-old Yoga teacher is actually born in Boston and was originally named Hillary.

Alec Baldwin deletes Twitter

This was a huge controversy that still offends people of Hispanic descent to this day. The couple was slammed by high-profile celebrities from all around the world and apparently, Alec might have taken it to his heart.

Alec Baldwin deletes Twitter

Gillian Anderson is the reason why Alec Baldwin has had to delete his account. Not because of her but due to a comment he issued on the actress. Gillian is an American actress who played Margaret Thatcher in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’. Naturally, Gillian had adopted a British accent to better portray her role and Alec took this as an opportunity to comment on the matter regarding Hilaria’s cultural appropriation controversy. Alec Baldwin wrote on Twitter…

switching accents? That sounds … fascinating

Alec Baldwin via Twitter

Soon the backlash started and the tweet started getting picked up by major publications. Alec promptly decided to deactivate and delete his Twitter account which he announced in an Instagram Live video from his car.

Without mentioning Gillian Anderson’s name, Alec Baldwin goes on to deny that he was taking a dig at the actress. Alec Baldwin said the following as he deletes his Twitter account…

Of course, you can’t do any irony on Twitter. You can’t do any irony in the United States anymore, because the United States is such an uptight, stressed-out place and such an unpleasant place right now.

Alec Baldwin via Instagram

Alec then went on to justify his actions by claiming to be a “huge fan” of the actress. He then goes on to say that his tweet intended to…

illustrate the point that multicultural expressions of anyone… that’s your business

Alec Baldwin via Instagram

Yea…..right. And then in true denial, Alec Baldwin goes on to blame the Twitter users because they managed to capture one of his digs that he hoped would not be noticed so he could finally feel better about misrepresenting an entire race for personal gains and sympathy in the public space.

The actor said…

Twitter is one-third interesting posts… one-third tedious, uninteresting, puerile nonsense, and then it’s one-third, or more maybe, just abject hatred and malice and unpleasantness.

Alec Baldwin via Instagram

What do you think about this latest fiasco? Is Twitter better off without Alec Baldwin? Share your thoughts with us!

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