Ben Stiller Towering Disaster; How a scrapped project is now making its way to us…


  • Ben Stiller worked on a spoof movie in the 90s that was inspired by 70s disaster epics like Poseidon Adventure and more.
  • The script was co-written by David Cross and Robert Cohen.
  • A modern-day reading of the movie will now be live-streamed with a cast full of exceptional actors.
  • It includes names like Michael Cera, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Wig, Regina Hall, John Ennis, and more.
  • The stream will take place today, 8 PM EST.
  • You can check out the entire conversation with Ben Stiller as well as a link to the live stream in the DeScrunched version below.


While movies are being canceled left right and center all around the world due to the growing pandemic, Ben Stiller seems to have found a way to circumvent this lack of support. Don’t get us wrong, this is not like other canceled projects that were actually greenlit by studios, this is like one of the old 90s ideas that were sitting in a drawer somewhere and now will get to see the light of day due to the slower pace of life in today’s pandemic.

Sourced directly from an old floppy disk, its called the ‘Towering Disaster’ and is written by Ben Stiller, David Cross, and Robert Cohen. It is a fun and spoofy take on old 70s disaster epics like Poseidon’s Adventure that managed to shape the industry of disaster and spoof movies alike. Not to mention all the over the top inspiration such movies provided for later projects released in the 90s during the early times of computer-generated visual effects.

The reading will take place today ie; July 25th, 2020 at 8:00 PM EST. and will involve stars like Michael Cera, Don Cheadle, John Ennis, Will Forte, Regina Hall, Michael McKean, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Wig, and more. Speaking about the upcoming reading for the Towering Disaster, Ben Stiller teased a special guest that will also be appearing but whose identity still remains a mystery. The actor said…

There’s one bit of casting that literally no one else in the world could play.

Ben Stiller

When speaking about the project, Ben Stiller further added…

[F]or whatever reason, it never got made, It was probably just too insane.

Ben Stiller

Speaking about his facinatiion with Posiedon Adventure, Ben said…

When I had the opportunity to work with Gene Hackman in The Royal Tenenbaums, it was a dream come true for me. The whole shoot, I was waiting to get up the nerve—because he’s an intimidating guy—to tell him how much Poseidon Adventure meant to me. So, two days before the shoot was over, finally, there’s this quiet moment. I said, ‘Gene, I just want to say it’s just been amazing working with you—and I didn’t say this before, but really for me, Poseidon Adventure is probably one of the most important movies for me, ever, because it really made me want to be a filmmaker, to be in movies, and I saw it multiple times and it just really, really changed my life.

Ben Stiller

To this, Hackman replied

Oh yeah. Money job.

Gene Hackman

Then he got up and he walked away, My world was shattered. So this is my chance to, somehow… I don’t know, I have to live it out somehow. I have to make it right. It’s not a money job for me. Even if it was a money job for Hackman, it was the most incredible money-job performance I’ve ever seen.

Ben Stiller

If you wish to tune in to the live stream, you can use this link. The live stream will be available for 2 days after it has concluded and tickets will cost you about $15. All the revenue generated from this reading will go to contributions for Equal Justice Initiative and Direct Relief.

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