Brock Lesner Undertaker streak … The end was a mistake! And the dead man himself agrees…


  • Brock Lesner breaking Undertaker and his Wrrestlemnaia streak back in 2014 was one of the most controversial events in the history of WWE.
  • Many veteran wrestlers were distraught by this decision on the management’s end.
  • But due to WWE’s monopoly on the industry and the fact that wrestlers are treated as independent contractors, nobody was able to voice their opinions properly.
  • 6 years after the defeat, Undertaker is ready to hang up his gloves and take his leave from WWE this Sunday.
  • The wrestler recently appeared in an interview where he talked about the end of his streak back in 2014.
  • Like most fans, Undertaker feels that Brock Lesner did not need the win and there were many other upcoming wrestlers that could have benefitted from it. Check out the entire conversation below.


Apart from nostalgic memories and awesome childhood moments, WWE is also a sport that tends to inspire many athletes. It displays dedication and perseverance which encourages and motivates more and more kids to follow through. This is one of the reasons so many wrestlers around the world are swarmed by kids wherever they go. Wrestlers like John Cena, the Rock, CM Punk, and many more have taken it as their responsibility to guide misguided kids and to condemn social issues plaguing today’s young generation, like bullying.

Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

Another iconic wrestler that has been iconic to everyone’s childhood is none other than the dead man himself, the Undertaker. He is known for his fearsome on-stage persona and the beloved Wrestlemania streak that was broken in 2014. It was a hard time and fans did not like the win, scripted or not. Many cried out on Twitter, slammed McMahon while others filed a petition. It was a devastating day as soon as Brock Lesner landed his finishing move on the Undertaker and ended the streak.

Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

Welp, after 6 years it seems that the truth is out and even the dead man did not want Lesner to win.

stone cold

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the streak being broken here, I am just against it being awarded to an antagonist that is fairly new, looks like white trash and literally, anyone else would have been a better choice than him. I think Paul Heyman’s association with Lesner should have been the big red flag for everyone.

paul heyman

It seems that the Undertaker along with many other veteran wrestlers was unhappy that Brock was chosen to break the streak after all these years.

I don’t think Brock needed that win… I had no problem dong it, obviously. I just don’t think he was the guy that needed it.

The Undertaker

And I completely agree! He was the poster child for WWE upon his return (the second time may I remind you) after his stint in MMA. He had his feud with Cena and went on to his own way. He then tried a feud with the Rock and as if that wasn’t enough publicity, did he really need to be the one who broke Undertaker’s streak? I mean this is Undertaker we are talking about, someone who has served WWE way more than a sporadic wrestler who keeps jumping between careers. He has beaten opponents with a bigger fan base, much more appeal and dedication when compared to Lesner so why did WWE choose Brock to break Undertaker streak?

Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

Because this guy…

Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

Do you want more proof? Need I remind you that Shawn Micheals’ loss to Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 was the time he retired? He lost to the dead man and retired to keep up the streak!

It was a little disheartening…. That Streak became important for all of us. We all were a part of making it what it was, and we were all under the impression that we were gonna let it stay that way.

Shawn Michaels
Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

You think the fans loved when Lesner won? Let my man Kofi Kingston recount the night for you…

All of a sudden, Brock wins and the entire room just stops what they’re doing, complete the silence…

Kofi Kingston

Yes… that’s right….it’s the same reaction the public had when Fergie sang the National Anthem!

The entire arena stops what they’re doing. “No, this can’t be it, it doesn’t make sense.” Taker losing at WrestleMania? No!

Kofi Kingston

The current better half of the Tag Team Champions then said…

You think about, what, 75,000 people in dead silence waiting to see what was going to happen next. Obviously the people at home too, you’re talking millions!

Kofi Kingston

Can you imagine the disappointment? Do you remember the last time so many people were silent and disappointed? The Olympics doping scandal? Trump’s election win? Disney taking over art as we know it?

Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

As for the Undertaker, well the man continues his professionalism and suggests a few upcoming stars that could have benefitted from the win much more than Brock Lesner when it came to ending his streak…

 I think Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt, it would have elevated them quicker to a higher status. I think probably Roman could have used the victory more so than anybody.


Imagine if in a fixed match, the losing side is giving you tips on how to make the best and most out of this pre-determined match while keeping your fans happy? That is what Undertaker is basically doing… can you imagine if this happened in a real sporting scandal where scripted results are a felony?

eddie huang mind blown

To be honest, both the wrestlers mentioned by the Undertaker have faced him at Wrestlemania and lost. But the Phenom continued and said…

Bray Wyatt and his development of The Fiend now, it’s gonna catapult him to the next level,

The Undertaker

Although it seems that Roman Reigns still remains as his favorite…

Current roster, I have to say it would’ve been Roman. He should have probably – if you were gonna break it, it should have been him.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is set to make his final appearance in WWE this Sunday ie: November 22nd, 2020, with the Survivor Series. He concluded his interview with the following message…

Although the product is evolving and changing, I think there’s a lot of what I did, with storytelling that’s missing in today’s game. I think that’s where I can be an asset to the guys and gals of the next generation… I’ll always have my place.

The Undertaker
Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

What do you think about Lesner’s win? These excerpts are from the comprehensive interview conducted by Metro.

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