Despacito dethroned! It is no longer the most popular song on YouTube…but should you celebrate just yet?


  • Despacito has been finally dethroned from its spot on YouTube as the most-watched video ever.
  • The song had over 7.04 Bn plays as of yesterday.
  • It has been overtaken by none other than ‘Baby Shark’ with over 7.05 Bn plays under its belt.
  • Baby Shark’s numbers seem to be on a steady rise and it looks like Despacito might have been dethroned for good.
  • We are honestly unable to decide whether this is good or bad…


While a catchy number when it was first released, Despacito soon came to be despised by everyone in the world. It had become too mainstream, could be heard on every radio channel, and most of all it became the tool boomers were using to relate to today’s kids! This led to a huge increase in popularity which resulted in millions of covers and spin-offs on most social media channels.

The worst part about the song was that nobody knew the lyrics and yet everybody wanted to sing it and pretend to be Spanish. For a good part of last year, Despacito had been the most played and viewed song on YouTube with more than 7.04 Bn views!

Despacito dethroned

This mantle has now been taken away from the reigning champion by none other than ‘Baby Shark’.

Do do do do do do do do…am I right?

Despacito dethroned

I am in the same boat as you, I do not know if this is good or worse but at least we have the excuse to say it is a kids song. What would you have done if an alien race judged humans by their most popular song and it was Despacito? Despacito??!!

Baby shark has managed to get 7.05 Bn views as of today and the number seems to be on a steady incline. It has dethroned Despacito and grabbed the top spot on YouTube with its 7.05 Bn plays. The song dethroned Despacito over a period of 4 years after being initially released back in 2016.

The top spot might seem like a lost cause but guess what video is number three in the world after Despacito? Its ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran….yeah ….let that sink in for a minute.

Despacito dethroned

For anybody interested in numbers, Shape of You is currently at 5.04 Bn views, a good 2 billion behind the current runner up, Despacito.

You know if 2020 had its way, I think things could be worse… the friends’ theme song could end up as a top contender who knows? The end is near people!

My hysterics aside, in other news, Eddie Hassell from ‘Surface’ passed away yesterday at the young age of 30 after he was shot in the stomach by an unknown man outside his girlfriend’s house in Texas.