Nelly on Budweiser cans! Yes, you heard that right! Here’s how to get them.


  • Budweiser is releasing limited edition Nelly cans to honor the 20th anniversary of his first album ‘Country Grammer’.
  • The cans feature a photo of Nelly alongside his famous lyrics “I’m from Lou and I’m proud’.
  • All of the Budweiser labels on the cans have been replaced with lyrics from Nelly’s songs from ‘Country Grammer’.
  • Nelly talked to lengths about this new opportunity and seemed quite humbled by the company’s gesture.
  • The rapper currently stars as one of the celebrities on ABC’s “Dancing with the stars”.


Well, there are singers that keep their names after drinks and then there are singers that get hired to appear on drinks. Take Cardi-B for example, aptly named after a mediocre alcoholic beverage preferred by teenagers and recent license holders. It isn’t good but it gets the job done, like Cardi-B’s music.

cardi b cringe

And then you have your fine wine, aged liquor, and malted whiskeys, that get better with age, tone down as the time passes, humble up, find their place in the liquor cabinet and deliver a sensational blow every time you decide to take a drink, much like Nelly.

My alcoholic derivatives aside, Nelly has just been hired by Budweiser! Anheuser-Busch has partnered with the rapper to release some limited edition beer cans! These new cans feature a black and white image of Nelly and this partnership is to honor the 20th anniversary of his first album which was titled “Country Grammer”.

Nelly on Budweiser cans

Apart from a graphic of Nelly, the can also come with his most famous lyrics which go as follows..

I’m from the Lou and I’m proud


Sadly the cans will be exclusively sold only in St.Louis. The promotion begins today and if you are in St. Louis, you can get a hold of them from the nearest Costco!

When interviewd about this new partnership with Budweiser for cans, Nelly said..

it’s a little overwhelming


He continued…

but it’s really dope, and it’s what you work for, and it’s definitely something to live up to and something to continue.

Nelly on Budweiser cans

Anheuser-Busch has been an important part of St. Louis since the early days. They have used their marketing events to lift up the community, sponsor local business,es and provide a learning environment to young kids. Speaking about the same during his interview, Nelly said…

it almost felt like St. Louis was Anheuser-Busch, if you know what I mean.


When Nelly first saw his Budweiser cans

I thought it was dope, man, I mean, the picture was cool. That’s the main thing you worry about. It’s like, OK, how’s the picture gonna turn out? Because it’s not (in) color, or it’s not a traditional promo pic. But they did a great job.

Nelly (when he first saw the Budweiser cans)

The rapper seemed pretty happy and humble that his achievements were recognized by his hometown company that he has seen since the early days of his childhood. He said…

But you’re thankful that it did impact so many people’s lives. You’re thankful for all the joy and all the opportunities that it did bring people outside of the people who you even know.


Nelly has been exploring new opportunities in terms of his career and is currently a part of ABC’s “Dancing with the stars”. Talking about his involvement in the show, Nelly said…

It’s something that I knew would push me because, I mean, I do have two left feet, So I thought it would be a good challenge,


For everybody wondering if he does actually have two left feet, here is the rapper doing Samba in the latest episode…

What do you think about the new cans? Are you in St. Louis going to get one right now? Please share a pic with us 🙂

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