New Borat Movie! All you need to know about it and how to watch it?


  • The new Borat movie has been just released and it is called “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”.
  • Following in the steps of the previous iteration, the new movie takes a look at the absurdity of the American culture through the eyes of a Kazakh journalist.
  • The movie ended up getting a lot of backlash from the Kazakh people which even resulted in numerous petitions to stop the movie online.
  • Not only this, but protestors also started using the #CancelBorat and #StopBorat on prominent social media platforms.
  • Borat was spotted promoting the movie on Jimmy Kimmel despite all the backlash.
  • Not only this, but protestors also gathered outside the U.S Consulate in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  • Use the link below to watch the movie directly!


Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the most rebellious actors in Hollywood to put it lightly. With exceptional, groundbreaking yet quite offensive projects under his belt, Sacha manages to find a balance in his career that has eluded many in the past. He started off with Borat, a cult classic that propelled him towards the top of the industry. And to many people’s surprise, a sequel has been already released!!

The new movie was released yesterday and seems to have spouted similar outrage as to the last one. While a groundbreaking project, the first Borat did not sit well with many people across the world in 2006. Borat is supposed to be a Kazakh journalist that is uninhibited when it comes to socio-political issues or when it comes to educating himself about simple human bodily functions. Either way, it is clear that Sacha is not in it to please anyone.

borat says very nice

The first movie had garnered a lot of backlash in Kazakhstan, Cohen’s hometown due to its portrayal of the Kazakh people. It even led to threats of being banned, death threats, and even threats about international legal action from the officials of Kazakhstan. Despite all this, the 2006 release of the first movie still ended up being a cult classic that is remembered and enjoyed to this day.

new borat movie

As for the Kazakh audience, they seem to be having a much more positive outlook on the new release the second time around. Just ask Fariza Abdraimova, a student in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. She thinks that although Borat movies show the Kazakh people as a bit backward, it is still true to the basic nature of its people. Moreover, the movies aren’t really about the Kazakh people at all but rather a social commentary on the American culture. She said about the new Borat movie…

I think that first you need to carefully review the first film and, in the end, understand that apart from the name of the country, Borat has nothing at all to do with Kazakhstan,

Fariza Abdraimova

She further said…

This is a parody of American society.

Fariza Abdraimova
new borat movie

Fariza then starts to ask questions that most people on the internet that are fed up with the modern-day “offended” culture often wonder themselves…

How weak are our citizens if it is so easy to hurt their feelings?

Fariza Abdraimova

And I agree with Fariza. Countries existed long before we started getting offended by every small thing. Racism was more prevalent back then yet people had much thicker skin. Words were words and the art piece of one human hardly reflected badly on society or culture. Yet people nowadays have grown overly sensitive and entitled which has led to many issues in our modern-day society. The most prevalent and easy to spot would be the people that refuse to wear a mask in this time of the pandemic.

new borat movie

Fariza even points out the 2004 hit Eurotrip that showed Slovakia in a pretty bad light but never ever received any reaction from the public in Slovakia. She concluded her views by saying…

Everyone understands perfectly well that everything in comedy is especially taken to the point of absurdity

Fariza Abdraimova

But sadly this does not mean that the new movie isn’t facing any issues. There have been numerous petitions filed against the movie in many Arabic regions of the world. This started as soon as the release date was announced. The most famous petition being “Why Borat 2 Should be canceled”. It managed to get over 108,000 signatures from across the world before yesterday’s release.

According to the petition…

This movie is full of racism and xenophobia, They completely desecrate and humiliate Kazakhstan and the dignity of the Kazakh nation. In addition, the footage from this film absolutely does not correspond to reality.

The petition further stated…

If only the film had been made about a country that the author himself invented, But no, this movie makes fun of a real country where real people live.

borat doesn't want quarantine to end

Not only this the subject has been trending on popular social media platforms with the hashtags #CancelBorat and #StopBorat.

new borat movie

The situation even went as far as to produce protestors outside the U.S Consulate in Almaty, Kazakhstan, a few hours before the movie’s release yesterday. The protestors claimed…

[Borat 2] insulted the Kazakh nation and tarnished the country’s image,

They also demanded..

take strict measures and apologize to the Kazakh people.

How to watch the new Borat movie “Boratt Subsequent Moviefilm”?

The movie has been released yesterday amid all the controversy and you can watch it now on Prime Video. Use this link to directly start your playback.

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