• Grammy Nominations 2021; How to watch it from your couch!


    • The Grammy nominations for 2021 will be announced today through a Livestream.
    • The event will be hosted by major players from Grammy’s Latino event and Dua Lipa.
    • While last year’s categories were mainly dominated by Billie Eilish, 2021 seems to be Taylor Swift’s time.
    • The stream will begin at 12 PM ET on 24th November 2020 ie; Today.
    • You can find the stream link and the entire itinerary for the event below.


    The Grammy nominations for the 63rd annual ceremony are about to be announced in a few hours and if you are a music enthusiast then you might wanna check them out. Keeping the pandemic in mind, Grammy will be broadcasting the current nominations for 2021 live on their website through a web stream.

    Grammy Nominations 2021

    The Livestream will be an hour-long and will be available on as well as Twitter. Use the links below to directly access the stream. Stream

    Twitter Stream

    Grammy Nominations 2021

    The stream will see musical guests from all around the world including Grammy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. The stream is expected to bring in past nominees and winners as well through the means of virtual conferencing. Some of the known members of the Livestream that have been announced are listed below.

    • Dua Lipa (Singer and songwriter)
    • Sharon Osbourne (Talk show host)
    • Pepe Aguilar (Mexican singer and songwriter)
    • Yemi Alde (Afropop Singer)
    • Nicola Benedetti (Classical violinist)
    • Lauren Daigle (Contemporary singer)
    • Mickey Guyton (Country singer and songwriter)
    • Imogen Heap (Recording artist)
    • Gayle King (CBS anchor)
    Grammy Nominations 2021

    While the last year’s awards were dominated by Billie Eilish, this year Taylor Swift seems to be the front runner for many categories. Other major pop artists competing for the top spot include The Weekend, Doja Cat, and BTS.

    As for the award ceremony, it is all set to take place next year on 31st January 2021. The event still is planned to be hosted at the Staples Center in LA, though only the pandemic will decide if that is even possible. The full itinerary of today’s Livestream for Grammy nominations of 2021 has been listed below.

    Opening Remarks by CEO Harvey Mason Jr.

    Production (Non-Classical and Classical) Awards

    • Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical
    • Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical
    • Best Remixed Recording
    • Best Engineered Album, Classical
    • Producer Of The Year, Classical

    Rock, Alternative, Package, and Notes Awards

    • Best Rock Performance
    • Best Metal Performance
    • Best Rock Song
    • Best Rock Album
    • Best Alternative Music Album
    • Best Recording Package
    • Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package
    • Best Album Notes

    New Age and Jazz Awards

    • Best New Age Album
    • Best Improvised Jazz Solo
    • Best Jazz Vocal Album
    • Best Jazz Instrumental Album
    • Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
    • Best Latin Jazz Album

    Latin and Composing/Arranging Awards

    • Best Latin Pop Or Urban Album
    • Best Latin Rock Or Alternative Album
    • Best Regional Mexican Music Album (Including Tejano)
    • Best Tropical Latin Album
    • Best Instrumental Composition
    • Best Arrangement, Instrumental Or A Cappella
    • Best Arrangement, Instruments And Vocals

    American Roots Awards

    • Best American Roots Performance
    • Best American Roots Song
    • Best Americana Album
    • Best Bluegrass Album
    • Best Traditional Blues Album
    • Best Contemporary Blues Album
    • Best Folk Album
    • Best Regional Roots Music Album

    Comedy, Musical Theater, Music For Visual Media, and Music Video/Film Awards

    • Best Comedy Album
    • Best Musical Theater Album
    • Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media
    • Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media
    • Best Song Written For Visual Media
    • Best Music Video
    • Best Music Film

    Classical Awards

    • Best Orchestral Performance
    • Best Opera Recording
    • Best Choral Performance
    • Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance
    • Best Classical Instrumental Solo
    • Best Classical Solo Vocal Album
    • Best Classical Compendium
    • Best Contemporary Classical Composition

    R&B and Rap Awards

    • Best R&B Performance
    • Best Traditional R&B Performance
    • Best R&B Song
    • Best Progressive R&B Album
    • Best R&B Album
    • Best Rap Performance
    • Best Melodic Rap Performance
    • Best Rap Song
    • Best Rap Album

    Pop, Contemporary Instrumental Music, Reggae, and Global Music Awards

    • Best Pop Solo Performance
    • Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
    • Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
    • Best Pop Vocal Album
    • Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
    • Best Reggae Album
    • Best Global Music Album

    Dance/Electronic Music, Country, Children’s, and Historical Awards

    • Best Dance Recording
    • Best Dance/Electronic Album
    • Best Country Solo Performance
    • Best Country Duo/Group Performance
    • Best Country Song
    • Best Country Album
    • Best Children’s Music Album
    • Best Historical Album

    Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music and Spoken Word Awards

    • Best Gospel Performance/Song
    • Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance
    • Best Gospel Album
    • Best Contemporary Christian Music Album
    • Best Roots Gospel Album
    • Best Spoken Word Album

    All Round Awards

    • Record Of The Year
    • Album Of The Year
    • Song Of The Year
    • Best New Artist

    In other news, check Antony Starr slamming Trump supporters for using the Homelander costume with a Trump mask.

  • Homelander slams Trump supporters for using his costume! Actor Antony Starr says “the art of ignorant dumbf*ckerry.”


    • The Million MAGA March was recently held by Trump supporters in Washington DC amid a lot of controversies.
    • President-elect Joe Biden is the new leader of the United States but Donald Trump has been refusing to concede the election for quite some time now.
    • This has resulted in a harder transition for the Biden administration as well as a mockery of America’s democracy across the world.
    • Not only this, but former President Donald Trump’s futile court cases have also been shot down by most Supreme Court judges.
    • During the march, many Trump supporters came dressed as Homelander from the Boys, an Amazon Prime TV Series.
    • Homelander is an antagonist of the show who is sociopathic, rapist, racist, and everything worse that you can imagine with humanity.
    • Naturally, when the actor who plays Homelander, Antony Starr spotted Trump supporters using his character to stage a play that shows ‘Trumplander’ arresting Joe Biden, he slams them for sheer stupidity and proving themselves wrong in the process.
    • A video uploaded to Twitter shows a Trump protestor dressed as Homelander with a Trump face cutout, arresting a man with a Joe Biden cutout. Check out the video and the entire conversation below.


    I guess we all saw this coming, I mean the guy who plays Homelander wasn’t just going to sit around. Trump supporters who are currently in stage 1 of massive denial held their annual Million MAGA March event in Washington DC. Naturally many Trump supporters turned up to the event dressed up as Homelander. Don’t get me wrong, this might seem like a blessing at first but it’s a curse in disguise.

    Homelander slams Trump supporters

    Homelander is a sociopathic rapist with mommy issues and ideas of white supremacy that just so happens to be the most powerful superhuman on earth in the show. Apart from the superhuman part, many qualities seem to resonate with Trump supporters. Staying true to their denial of reality and the ability to misconstrue virtually anything, Trump supporters took to the street where they used their costumes to comment on the current political scenario.

    buzz lightyear -  no intelligent life

    One confused fan of the show came across a mock arrest where a person wearing a Homelander costume and Donald Trump mask was seen arresting a person with a Joe Biden cut out on their face. Naturally, this very confused fan posted the video to Twitter with the following caption…

    Um… are they actually watching the show? @antonystarr #TheBoystv #theboys @PrimeVideo @TheBoysTV #SPNFamilyForever

    Eric Kripke

    No Eric, no they are not…they are watching Fox news.

    Homelander slams Trump supporters

    Antony Starr plays the despised character of Homelander in the show and does a tremendous job while he is at it. But the actor was not happy with Trump supporters using the show to their own benefit and by misrepresenting Homelander, and so he slams the supporters with the following tweet…

    The art of ignorant dumbfuckerry

    Antony Starr
    will arnett spit take

    I guess Antony didn’t want to stoop that low and so he sent out a follow up tweet that said…

    I should have said “subtle art…”

    Antony Starr
    adele -

    The Boys is one of the most critically acclaimed shows in recent times due to its gritty yet groundbreaking story. Adapted from an 80s comic, the show focuses on the real-life repercussions of giving normally flawed humans the ability to wield superpowers. If you haven’t checked it out then you should definitely give it a shot at the earliest. Although keep in mind that it is an 18+ show with a lot of gore and nudity.

    Homelander slams Trump supporters

    The show has been renewed for a third season which will begin production in 2021. Amazon Prime has also green-lit a spin-off series for The Boys that will focus on the Supes during their college days.

    Homelander slams Trump supporters

    What do you think about Homelander as he slams Trump supporters? Should they be using sociopathic and rapist characters from fictional shows to denote their ‘supposed’ leader in the first place?

    In other news, check out Undertaker’s latest interview where he talks about his loss to Brock Lesner at WrestleMania and why Lesner was the wrong choice to break his streak.

  • Brock Lesner Undertaker streak … The end was a mistake! And the dead man himself agrees…


    • Brock Lesner breaking Undertaker and his Wrrestlemnaia streak back in 2014 was one of the most controversial events in the history of WWE.
    • Many veteran wrestlers were distraught by this decision on the management’s end.
    • But due to WWE’s monopoly on the industry and the fact that wrestlers are treated as independent contractors, nobody was able to voice their opinions properly.
    • 6 years after the defeat, Undertaker is ready to hang up his gloves and take his leave from WWE this Sunday.
    • The wrestler recently appeared in an interview where he talked about the end of his streak back in 2014.
    • Like most fans, Undertaker feels that Brock Lesner did not need the win and there were many other upcoming wrestlers that could have benefitted from it. Check out the entire conversation below.


    Apart from nostalgic memories and awesome childhood moments, WWE is also a sport that tends to inspire many athletes. It displays dedication and perseverance which encourages and motivates more and more kids to follow through. This is one of the reasons so many wrestlers around the world are swarmed by kids wherever they go. Wrestlers like John Cena, the Rock, CM Punk, and many more have taken it as their responsibility to guide misguided kids and to condemn social issues plaguing today’s young generation, like bullying.

    Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

    Another iconic wrestler that has been iconic to everyone’s childhood is none other than the dead man himself, the Undertaker. He is known for his fearsome on-stage persona and the beloved Wrestlemania streak that was broken in 2014. It was a hard time and fans did not like the win, scripted or not. Many cried out on Twitter, slammed McMahon while others filed a petition. It was a devastating day as soon as Brock Lesner landed his finishing move on the Undertaker and ended the streak.

    Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

    Welp, after 6 years it seems that the truth is out and even the dead man did not want Lesner to win.

    stone cold

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the streak being broken here, I am just against it being awarded to an antagonist that is fairly new, looks like white trash and literally, anyone else would have been a better choice than him. I think Paul Heyman’s association with Lesner should have been the big red flag for everyone.

    paul heyman

    It seems that the Undertaker along with many other veteran wrestlers was unhappy that Brock was chosen to break the streak after all these years.

    I don’t think Brock needed that win… I had no problem dong it, obviously. I just don’t think he was the guy that needed it.

    The Undertaker

    And I completely agree! He was the poster child for WWE upon his return (the second time may I remind you) after his stint in MMA. He had his feud with Cena and went on to his own way. He then tried a feud with the Rock and as if that wasn’t enough publicity, did he really need to be the one who broke Undertaker’s streak? I mean this is Undertaker we are talking about, someone who has served WWE way more than a sporadic wrestler who keeps jumping between careers. He has beaten opponents with a bigger fan base, much more appeal and dedication when compared to Lesner so why did WWE choose Brock to break Undertaker streak?

    Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

    Because this guy…

    Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

    Do you want more proof? Need I remind you that Shawn Micheals’ loss to Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 was the time he retired? He lost to the dead man and retired to keep up the streak!

    It was a little disheartening…. That Streak became important for all of us. We all were a part of making it what it was, and we were all under the impression that we were gonna let it stay that way.

    Shawn Michaels
    Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

    You think the fans loved when Lesner won? Let my man Kofi Kingston recount the night for you…

    All of a sudden, Brock wins and the entire room just stops what they’re doing, complete the silence…

    Kofi Kingston

    Yes… that’s right….it’s the same reaction the public had when Fergie sang the National Anthem!

    The entire arena stops what they’re doing. “No, this can’t be it, it doesn’t make sense.” Taker losing at WrestleMania? No!

    Kofi Kingston

    The current better half of the Tag Team Champions then said…

    You think about, what, 75,000 people in dead silence waiting to see what was going to happen next. Obviously the people at home too, you’re talking millions!

    Kofi Kingston

    Can you imagine the disappointment? Do you remember the last time so many people were silent and disappointed? The Olympics doping scandal? Trump’s election win? Disney taking over art as we know it?

    Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

    As for the Undertaker, well the man continues his professionalism and suggests a few upcoming stars that could have benefitted from the win much more than Brock Lesner when it came to ending his streak…

     I think Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt, it would have elevated them quicker to a higher status. I think probably Roman could have used the victory more so than anybody.


    Imagine if in a fixed match, the losing side is giving you tips on how to make the best and most out of this pre-determined match while keeping your fans happy? That is what Undertaker is basically doing… can you imagine if this happened in a real sporting scandal where scripted results are a felony?

    eddie huang mind blown

    To be honest, both the wrestlers mentioned by the Undertaker have faced him at Wrestlemania and lost. But the Phenom continued and said…

    Bray Wyatt and his development of The Fiend now, it’s gonna catapult him to the next level,

    The Undertaker

    Although it seems that Roman Reigns still remains as his favorite…

    Current roster, I have to say it would’ve been Roman. He should have probably – if you were gonna break it, it should have been him.

    The Undertaker

    The Undertaker is set to make his final appearance in WWE this Sunday ie: November 22nd, 2020, with the Survivor Series. He concluded his interview with the following message…

    Although the product is evolving and changing, I think there’s a lot of what I did, with storytelling that’s missing in today’s game. I think that’s where I can be an asset to the guys and gals of the next generation… I’ll always have my place.

    The Undertaker
    Brock Lesner Undertaker streak

    What do you think about Lesner’s win? These excerpts are from the comprehensive interview conducted by Metro.

    In other news, check out the recent fire that broke out at Denzel Washingon’s residence in LA.

  • Denzel Washington’s house fire update; The actor is safe!


    • Denzel Washington’s Beverly Crest residence is in the news as a fire was reported.
    • The fire was reported last night after 8 PM.
    • There was smoke seen coming out of the upstairs window of the 4 story building.
    • Everybody was rushed out and the LAFD showed up at the location along with the Beverly Hills fire department.
    • The firemen checked the entire house with thermal imaging cameras to look for any active fires or smolders.
    • Nothing was found and the residents were allowed to enter the building again at around 10:30 PM.


    Denzel Washington was involved in a house fire incident this Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles. The actor is reportedly safe after firefighters had to be rushed to the location. Authorities were alerted on Wednesday night after smoke was seen coming from the house’s upstairs window.

    The news was confirmed by LA fire Department who confirmed that they had indeed been called to Beverly Crest after 8 PM on Wednesday night.

    According to the firemen, the crew made use of thermal imaging cameras to look for active fire and smolders in the house. Thankfully nothing was discovered and there were no active fires by the time the crew reached the house. Denzel’s property occupies 28,887 square foot residence in the area.

    The fire department further said about Denzel Washington’s house fire…

    The investigation is largely focused on one of several furnaces in the home that may have been recently serviced,


    According to news outlets providing updates on Denzel Washington’s house fire, the fire department is pretty sure that it was one of the furnaces installed in the house as all of them were recently serviced. Once found, the furnace was taken offline.

    There were no fatalities or even injuries reported during the incident and the actor and other residents were allowed to get back inside the house at around 10:30 PM Wednesday night. The actor was not seen at the property but everything was under close wraps so nothing can be said definitely.

    2020 has brought a notorious relationship to light among celebrities and house fires. Earlier this year, Rachel Ray was also involved in an incident in her New York home where a fire suddenly erupted. The house was completely destroyed but Rachel and other residents managed to avoid any injuries in the knick of time.

    In other news, check out the time Queen threw shoes at Prince Phillip and it all got recorded on cameras!

  • Queen threw shoes at Phillip! The ugly spat was caught on camera.


    • Ingrid Seward recently launched her latest book. She has been covering the royal family for over 20 years now.
    • The author appeared in a recent interview where they recounted all the interesting leads and stories she found during her research.
    • Her most favorite story was of a spat between the Queen and Prince Phillip where she apparently threw shoes at him!
    • Among the projectiles were her tennis shoes and a tennis racquet. (Hmm idk, the racquet is kinda sus)
    • The couple was on a tour of Australia when the incident happened and was accompanied by their own documentary crew.
    • Naturally, everything was caught on tape!


    You would think that marrying a queen would put you at the risk of being hanged, burnt, and even banished but you would still be able to get away from the everyday battles and the constant nagging, right?

    But you would be so wrong. Mainly because you would be a patriarch as these issues are not dependent on financial status but your own mental standing and your relationship with your spouse. A good poor husband never has to go through this…Gotcha didn’t I?

    Welp, my antics aside, every relationship has its ups and downs. A wise man once said, if she does not throw her shoes at you, then you’ve already lost her. Maybe he was making up for a lost time, trying to advise the young or simply referring to a spat between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.

    Either way, this new story was uncovered by Ingrid Seward, the Royal Expert who has been covering the Royal Family or over 20 years. According to him, researching this spat was one of his most entertaining leads.

    Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip were on a royal tour in Australia when she apparently threw shoes at him. It was 1954, and after a long grueling year, the couple finally had the weekend off to themselves. Sadly, being the royal family is not that easy, even on your off days you can not get rid of your documentary crew, a dilemma which plagued the Queen and Prince Phillip at the time. Naturally, tempers were reaching their limit between the two and a spat was soon to break out from the looks of it.

    Acording to the author,

    Their tempers were very frayed,

    Ingrid Seward

    She then goes on to recount the whole incident of the time the Queen threw her tennis shoes at Phillip along with a complimentary side of racket…

    This film crew was standing outside their little holiday villa. The next thing they knew, Prince Philip appeared on the balcony, followed by a tennis racket and a pair of tennis shoes thrown at his head. The queen came out and shouted at him to come back. She then grabbed [Philip] and dragged him back inside. Of course, you can imagine how this sort of frumpy press secretary at the time was absolutely terrified.

    Ingrid Seward
    Queen threw shoes at Phillip

    Phew, glad Phillip didn’t protest, smarter man than the world makes him out to be. Naturally, the Royal press secretary was terrified to his core. According to stories, the press secretary soon went into a frenzy demanding the crew to turn off their cameras and hand over their reels. They were even threatened with an arrest if they failed to comply. According to Ingrid…

    He ran over to the crew and said, ‘We cannot have this on film,’!!

    Ingrid Seward

    She then continued

    This is a disaster. Give me your film. You weren’t mean to be filming this.

    Ingrid Seward
    Queen threw shoes at Phillip

    Ah, such a beautiful reaction. It’s times like these that people like me struggling in the same field are driven to outdo such reactions with rational decisions only to realize that it’s time to wake up.

    The crew on the other hand seemed to be on the much better side of the story. The apparently quietly handed over the film and even apologized for playing a part in the situation. The film was handed over to Queen Elizabeth II after she threw the shoes at Phillip. The Queen later came out to thank the crew and reportedly said..

    I am sorry for that little interlude. But as you know it happens in every marriage, doesn’t it?

    Queen Elizabeth II
    Queen threw shoes at Phillip

    Haha…oh you silly Queen… we know you meant well but women around the world were hoping you to pull off a miracle. I guess she meant to say ‘Men will be men’, although I have a feeling she would’ve substituted Men with a harsher pronoun. This is all speculation honestly, more like the imagination of someone who is vastly intrigued by the Royal family.

    Queen threw shoes at Phillip

    Ingrid Seward then recounted other spats that have happened between the Royal couple over the years. They’ve been married for 73 years Ingrid, give them a break!

    He was quite sharp with his wife. He used to drive at top speed everywhere, which would make her very nervous. So she would start to take deep breaths. He would then tell her, ‘If you carry on breathing like that, I’ll put you out of the car.’ There was a time when a person sitting next to her said, ‘Why don’t you tell him off?’ She said, ‘Because I know he will stop the car and put me out!

    Ingrid Seward

    Wow, to imagine the most powerful woman in the world going through this and you lose all hope for mankind.

    Queen threw shoes at Phillip

    But the queen gives it back just as much. He would call her a bloody fool and accuse her of talking rubbish. She’ll then speak in riddles as he tries to figure out what she’s talking about.

    Ingrid Seward

    Ah, Ingrid if you could only see the metaphorical bond between a mature woman and a kid here who has a hard time figuring reality out. Instead, all you see are riddles. Seward then continued and talked on the fact how she felt Prince Phillip’s dedication to his duty has been the reason for their long lasting marriage.

    I think it’s very hard to know what a marriage secret is between two people. But I think for them, he decided that his job and his duty are to support her – it’s an all-encompassing job. Philip decided he must support the institution of the monarchy, which mean looking after the queen at all times. He is aware that the people only want the royals if they can respect them. So that became very important to him.

    Ingrid Seward

    Although a great story I have a hard time believing this. You are free to make your own conclusions, I simply feel Ingrid got to tell this story that shows Prince Phillip in a bad light only if she leveled the playing field by the end by praising the Prince. This or she fears for her job and position in the Royal Society. Either way, I call diplomatic fluff here.

    Queen threw shoes at Phillip

    This interview with Ingrid Seward was conducted by Fox news.

    In other news, check out Rebel Wilson’s holiday nightmare when she was on vacation in Mexico recently!

    What do you think about this incident? You mad I click baited you? Share your thoughts below, good or bad.

  • Rebel Wilson holiday mishap! The actress shares details via Instagram


    • Rebel Wilson was out holidaying in Mexico this weekend when tragedy struck.
    • Rebel Wilson holiday soon turned into a mishap after her friend’s handbag was washed into the sea.
    • The handbag contained all the important documents including her passport.
    • Rebel being the hero she is, decided to jump in after the bag only to realize it was a very bad choice.


    Rebel Wilson has been in the news since the pandemic started. The actress has taken her free time to lose some weight and gosh darn it, she looks better than ever. Naturally, with her new beach bod, Rebel wanted to enjoy some off time so she took off to Mexico with her friends this weekend.

    Like any girl group on vacation, a hot photoshoot is a must and that’s what the girls decided to do. But unannounced to everyone, Rebel’s friend Nicole ended up losing her handbag in a wave. The handbag in question had important documents including Nicole’s passport.

    Rebel Wilson holiday mishap

    This calls for a hero….and that hero was none other than Rebel Wilson herself. Rebel took after the bag like a valiant hero but soon realized that the power of the sea was too much for her and it soon turned into a massively dangerous incident. Rebel Wilson holiday mishap was recounted on Instagram as follows …

    We’re here in Mexico and we were taking hot photos out at the beach. Unfortunately, while we were doing that, Nicole’s handbag washed into the ocean. It had her passport in it, which she’s currently drying. Then I’m like, ‘I’ll get it!’ because we gotta fly today. And then I got pretty banged up.

    Rebel Wilson
    Rebel Wilson holiday mishap

    That’s right, unfortunately, a huge wave got hold of Rebel and slammed her into sharp rocks on the seafloor! But Rebel Wilson realization of the holiday mishap was just starting. The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress further added…

    Basically, my left boob took most of the impact and it’s going to be very swollen and bruised, and I was scraped down my stomach when I hit into the rock.

    Rebel Wilson

    Rebel could be seen holding an ice pack to her chest in the video while she had clear visible injuries on her leg. Like a true hustler, Rebel used this opportunity to help her fans get aware of such scenarios and then simply signed off.

    So guys, warning, when you’re taking hot photos just be careful because the waves can get you. Be ocean safe..

    Rebel Wilson
    Rebel Wilson holiday mishap

    Rebel Wilson holiday mishap story was concluded by her as…

    Don’t let your health and safety get destroyed because honestly, my boob is already big and it’s going to be very swollen after this.

    Rebel Wilson

    …. Oh well, as long as Rebel’s safe and doesn’t sign a Cats sequel, all is fine for me.

    In other news, check out the spineless stance by Warner Bros. when it comes to Fantastic Beasts. They have asked Johnny Depp to step down from his role but still stay mum when it comes to transphobic JK Rowling or violent Ezra Miller.

  • Johnny Depp exits Fantastic Beasts franchise, it’s official…no more Grindelwald…


    • Johnny Depp has been asked to step down from his role as Grindelwald as he exits the Fantastic Beasts franchise.
    • Warner Bros. took the decision after Johnny lost his court case against ‘The Sun’.
    • The actor plans to appeal the case.
    • Warner Bros. is facing a lot of backlash for remaining tight-lipped when it comes to J.K Rowling and Ezra Miller who are associated with the same franchise.
    • J.K Rowling has been condemned by the entire world for her slew of transphobic tweets on Twitter, which she still stands by to this date.
    • The author was even forced to return an award by Kerry Kennedy but Warner Bros. still remains silent on the matter.
    • Ezra Miller has been underfire for choking a female fan in a leaked video (check it out below) but faces no charges. Warner Bros. has taken no action in this matter as well.


    So it has been speculated for a while and we had already declared the Fantastic Beasts franchise dead a few months ago, and now it all seems to be coming true.

    Johnny Depp exits Fantastic

    The reasons behind our speculations were unacceptable behavior from cast and crew members over the course of 2020. If you would allow me to quickly recap, it was Johnny Depp’s long-fought court battle with wife Amber Heard over allegations of domestic violence, Ezra Miller, who plays Credence, choking a female fan on video, and the transphobic rants of J.K Rowling on Twitter that go on till this day.

    The cast of Fantastic Beasts including Eddie Redmayne had distanced themselves from the franchise after J.K Rowling’s outburst on Twitter which was followed by a huge backlash from people around the world. Even Daniel Radcliffe was ready for a cameo in the franchise, only if J.K Rowling was no longer associated with it.

    Johnny Depp exits Fantastic

    Sadly despite everything getting more attention than it should have, it seems that Johnny Depp is taking the brunt of this pressure. The actor decided to make it public as he exits the franchise for his own good. The actor said…

    I wish to let you know that I have been asked to resign by Warner Bros. from my role as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and I have respected and agreed to that request,

    Johnny Depp via Instagram

    It seems that Warner Bros are looking to save the franchise by cutting Depp from the picture. This is a known strategy used by PR agents around the world where audiences are given a fraction of what caused the outburst to make it look like everything is good. Although Ezra Miller and J.K Rowling are still associated with Warner Bros. and the studio hasn’t even clarified their stance on the heinous actions of the two.

    Johnny Depp according to the ‘official’ statement, was asked to step down from his role after he lost his libel case against ‘The Sun’. The actor was suing the newspaper for labeling him as a ‘wife beater’ back in 2018 without any proof.

    It has been confirmed that Johnny Depp will indeed appeal this decision of the court.

    As for Warner Bros., it seems they are playing the long known PR game as stated earlier. Only Johnny Depp has been disbanded from the cast but the next installment in the franchise remains slated for a release in 2022. To be clear, Warner Bros. has a 5 movie investment in this spin-off franchise from Harry Potter so nobody expected them to let go of their money, but they could have shown more spine and at least distanced themselves from the other two perpetrators associated with the franchise.

    Johnny Depp exits Fantastic

    The studio released the following statemnet as Johnny Depp exits the Fantastic Beasts franchise…

    Johnny Depp will depart the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise. We thank Johnny for his work on the films to date, Fantastic Beasts 3’ is currently in production, and the role of Gellert Grindelwald will be recast. The film will debut in theaters worldwide in the summer of 2022.

    Warner Bros.

    As for Johnny Depp, the actor wrote a lengthy message for all his fans on Instagram, thanking them for their support as he exits the Fantastic Beasts franchise…

    I’d like to thank everybody who has gifted me with their support and loyalty. I have been humbled and moved by your many messages of love and concern, particularly over the last few days.

    Johnny Depp

    The actor further added…

    Finally, I wish to say this. The surreal judgement of the court in the U.K. will not change my fight to tell the truth and I confirm that I plan to appeal. My resolve remains strong and I intend to prove that the allegations against me are false. My life and career will not be defined by this moment in time.

    Johnny Depp

    Here is our post on J.K Rowling’s transphobic tweets earlier this year. Despite all the backlash, the Harry Potter writer never issued a public apology and stood by her stance on the matter. She has since then sent out even more tweets regarding the matter and seems to be staying low for the past few months. J.K Rowling was also condemned for her views by Kerry Kennedy who took back the award that was initially awarded to J.K Rowling by her organization before the tweets.

    Johnny Depp exits Fantastic

    As for Ezra Miller, the controversial video of him choking a fan has been linked below, I hope you as a reader can make an educated guess on this one. P.S Might be hard to watch for some users.

    In other news, Ruth Wilson finally reveals why she exited ‘The Affair’ in its prime in the 4th season, a show that helped her win a Golden Globe award in the past.

  • Ruth Wilson left Affair, but why? The actress finally puts an end to the mystery…


    • Ruth Wilson was part of Showtime’s hit series ‘The Affair’ for around 4 seasons.
    • The show was quite popular and Ruth even won a Golden Globe for best actress due to her performance in the first season of the show.
    • Despite all this everyone was shocked when Ruth Wilson left the Affair after the 4th season of the show.
    • The 5th season, which was the final one, had to be completed without Ruth.
    • There was a lot of speculation regarding the departure but nothing was ever revealed officially. The show’s producers as well as Ruth herself were tight lipped about the situation until now.
    • The Hollywood Reported conducted an expose’ into the matter which revealed a lot of unsettling details.
    • Ruth recently appeared in an intrview where she exclusively talked on the matter like never before. Find out what made Ruth Wilson leave the Affair in its prime.


    The Affair has been a steady-going series by Showtime that even managed to win a few awards over the course of its run. The leading lady, Ruth Wilson, even won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in the first season of the show. It was thus a huge and massive blowback when it was revealed that she will not be a part of the 5th and final season of the show. At first, the reason for the departure was unclear and Ruth herself seemed to dodge questions about it.

    Ruth Wilson left Affair

    She recently appeared in an interview where Ruth Wilson said on why she left the Affair…

    The reason I haven’t gone into The Affair is that I haven’t worked out how to discuss it. There’s a lot of noise and anger surrounding it, and really the power rests with me to choose how I discuss my life and my experiences.

    Ruth Wilson

    Ruth further added…

    What’s important to say is that I did speak up. I did have a voice. I did stand up for myself. There was a situation on The Affair where things didn’t feel right, and I dealt with them, and I managed to protect myself.

    Ruth Wilson
    Ruth Wilson left Affair

    This is the first time that Ruth has opened up so much when it comes to talking about her departure from the show. Earlier in 2018, the actress had given an interview to NYT in august and said…

    It isn’t about pay parity, and it wasn’t about other jobs, [but] I’m not really allowed to talk about it…There is a much bigger story.

    Ruth Wilson
    Ruth Wilson left Affair

    An expose story by THR into the matter did not yield much except for a handful of clues and signs of a cover-up. Despite all the efforts, most signs pointed to the show’s co-creator Sarah Treem. Sarah is reportedly known to ask actors to perform nude scenes on quite a frequent basis, a fact that Ruth did not find any comfort in.

    Sarah Treem of course denied all the allegations and said…

    I have devoted my entire professional life to writing about and speaking to women’s issues, women’s causes, women’s empowerment and creating strong, complex roles for women in theater and in Hollywood, on- and offscreen. It’s what I think about, what I care about, it’s what drives my life and work. The reason I even created The Affair was to illuminate how the female experience of moving through the world is so different from the male one, it’s like speaking a second language. The idea that I would ever cultivate an unsafe environment or harass a woman on one of my shows is utterly ridiculous and lacks a grounding in reality.

    Sarah Treem
    Ruth Wilson left Affair

    Ruth Wilson currently has left the Affair behind for good and seems to be enjoying her latest venture ‘His Dark Materials’. An adaptation of books of the same name by Phillip Pullman. The show is produced by BBC One and HBO TV.

    In other news, Despacito is no longer the most popular song on YouTube! YAY! But should you celebrate just yet?